The Highlander Corporate Wine Club is an online wine program exclusively offered to companies in Edmonton and Calgary.   Each week Highlander specially selects 5 wines to offer to participating companies at significant discounts.  On Monday of each week an email is sent to wine club members.   Members have until Thursday at noon to purchase whichever bottles they wish.   All items purchased will delivered directly to our office on a biweekly basis.  As a member of wine club our staff and lawyers will also have access to general online specials and any purchases made are delivered with wine club orders.

Access to wine club wines, and purchases of these wines are made through individual accounts which Highlander will set up for wine club participants.  Once set up, these accounts are accessed through the Highlander website:  www.highlanderwine.com

There is no membership charge associated with the Wine Club program and no minimum purchase requirements.  Members may buy single bottles, cases or nothing at all each week.

For more information, contact:

Mairi Serpas, Corporate Sales Manager
6045 4th Street SW
Calgary AB    T2H 2A5
Phone:   403.640.7759 ext. 2113